All That Symbolism

Hellfire For Breakfast 2022

48”x72” oil, pigment stick, spray paint on canvas.


The title for this one was tricky. There were a number of thoughts I had about it. This painting is filled with symbolic references and I wanted a title that could somehow capture the complexities herein.

Firstly, the work is a roadmap to redemption but of course in reverse it leads straight to hell. Next, there are little flame like teepee shapes in pink that look like little icons on a map for where you can camp or have a picnic. For me these are little cherubs from the realm of spirit that are meant to guide but may also mislead.

Overall, the work looks like a robotic demon monster with a horse hoof for an upper jaw and big gnashing teeth below. This is the demon within. Notice the “mouth” of the monster makes the portal.

This is the portal to transcendence but one must pass beyond destruction before glimpsing the glory beyond it.

The poem written underneath starts out: There is nothing I keep from her that she will not discover. She is truth embodied. This is a reference to the feminine principle being the guide to enlightenment and the key to rebalancing our society.

On the bottom in spray paint is the word Seven. This is in reference to the seven towers of Babylon, the seven deadly sins, and the seven miracles performed by Jesus.


I almost titled the painting Lazarus. He is the person Jesus brought back to life for his seventh miracle.

I also almost titled it The Roadmap To Redemption Leads Straight To Hell.


But.. Hellfire For Breakfast seemed like it could sum it up..

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