Academy of Ballet Arts 2 week/5 week SDI Recap

July 23, 2018

Throughout the entire summer I have been blessed with many opportunities to come into studios and teach dance. I have shared my energy and valuable information with so many young performers and aspiring professionals. I’ve been to strict ballet studios, to hip hop studios, to even competition dance studios. Each studio needed something different but the atmosphere was always the same no matter what. I love to come in and lighten up the mood and create a safe space for the artist to allow their walls to fall and truly stand tall in your glory. I have had an outstanding time seeing all the growth from week to week.

Every summer I come back to my home studio to teach. It’s the least I can do for my ballet teacher as she always looked out for me and a lot of my friends. She made sure I was always getting the best training  possible and to never allowed money to stop me from taking the necessary steps to ensure a bright future. I am so thankful for all she has done in my life and it has truly paid off in the long run. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t of known how great of a teacher I was. I love to create and instruct. I love to take a young artist and morph them into a stunning entertainer.

It’s also great to see the dancers you teach progress every year and to annually reconnect with them every summer. I started teaching some of these students when they were in elementary and middle school. They are now in High School and some of them have actually graduated.

This summer we focused on self love and self encouragement as those are two very necessary tools needed to have a successful training career within dance. If your mind isn’t strong enough to take in the constant constructive criticism it can be a very daunting process as you work towards great technique. The kids this year felt a bit discouraged as they weren’t interesting in becoming professional dancers. They had this constant thought that was initially holding them back. But over time I really restored a sense of self confidence back into those girls and the end result was remarkable. It’s experiences like that, that remind me of why I do what I do everyday. I love to make the world a better place and restoring hopes and dreams into someones life everyday is truly such a blessing.

I hope those girls now understand that learning the classical forms of dance is way more than just learning steps. Taking dance classes consistently brings forth a sense of discipline that prepares you for the world. Learning a set practice that you do everyday prepares you for following directions in the future. It’s just like working a job everyday you come in and have a set of task you must complete by the end of day.

Overall it’s truly a blessing to continuously give back everyday.


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