A Writer’s Toolkit

A Writer’s Toolkit

Though the prevalence of MFA programs and writers’ retreats and conferences and online and in-person workshops might suggest otherwise, writing is still one of the most inexpensive forms of artistic expression. All you need is a pencil and some paper; everything else is just the trappings of being a writer without having to do the actual work of writing.

Still, at the risk of making the process a precious one, I do believe some tools are useful. I’ve always been hung up on pens and notebooks, and I like to have certain books and items on my desk to assist me when I’m feeling stuck or need some encouragement.

Whenever I start a new project, I like to have a primary notebook in which I keep my notes. I tend to organize these with a list of books or resources that might be worth investigating on the back page, and then conduct dated notes throughout. Again, in the back, I’ll begin draft outlines once I have a clearer sense of what the project is going to be, and I frequently create mind-maps or other visuals to help me.

Most recently, I received these notebooks from a friend:

They’re from one of my favorite stationer’s, an Italian company called Fabriano. I wonder what future projects will appear on the pages of these.

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