A Sculptor’s Mecca, Pietrasanta, Italy

Hello and thank you for joining me on my Professional Artist Grant journey for Creative Pinellas! I am thrilled to introduce myself and my work to you.  My name is Christina Bertsos and I am a sculptor with my primary medium being stone. On the heels of receiving this incredible gift from Creative Pinellas, I took off on a trip of a sculptor’s lifetime, going to Pietrasanta. Italy!

Pietrasanta is and has been the mecca for sculptors of marble and bronze for centuries. It is even nicknamed the “Little Athens of Italy” because so many sculptors came here to source the area’s iconic marble and work alongside its talented artisans.  Being of Greek American heritage and owing much of the inspiration of my art to classic Greek and Italian sculpture; I was in heaven, to say the least!  Michelangelo was among the most famous sculptors to work here as well as some of my favorite contemporaries such as Mitoraj and Botero. This region, including the nearby Carrara, is still known for its exquisite marble and exports much of it all around the globe.

When I walked these ancient streets now filled with art galleries, restaurants, and workshops, I felt my pulse race to finally be here. It truly was a dream come true and one that I know will inspire my creative work for this exciting grant period.  As the weeks go by, I am looking forward to sharing more about my trip as well as taking you into my world as a sculptor of this beautiful medium which I  completely adore. Ciao!

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