A Realization From Talks With My Mentor

I often find myself thinking TOO MUCH!

I over think and have so many ideas. My biggest issue is that I try to mash all the ideas into one piece. I research so much into the topics I am interested in and feel this burning passion when something really feels right, but I over do it.

I was paired up with a Mentor for this Emerging Artist Award, and as we connect and talk about my work, I realize it more and more. Too many thoughts. Too many ideas. But they don’t all need to be together. Break it down Ashley. Edit!

When I applied for this grant, the one thing I wanted to gain from the mentorship specifically, was to be able to find my story. To make a story with my art. To have my art BE a story. And I know now that in order to do this, I need to begin to Edit!

Begin to maybe think in Series. Take an idea and spread it across a few works. Make the series tell the story- as a whole. It doesn’t need to be obvious in each individual work. Edit!

And by doing this, maybe I can still have my many ideas. Maybe I can overcome by biggest issue. I can still research and enjoy the “learning” part of creating, but I need to break it down, slow down, and edit myself. And that is what I am going to aim for with the work I create for the Emerging Artist Exhibition.

Edit Myself!

Thank you for this opportunity. And thank you for what I has learned thus far.

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