A Musicians Life Part XI

This week screamed by.  I had all kinds of projects that needed to be done and accomplished very few of them.  However, I performed with the Gainesville Symphony Orchestra this past weekend.  I had forgotten how satisfying it is to not only sit with colleagues but to make music with them.   We all, I’m sure, hope that we can get back to performing together very soon.

The nation is in such turmoil between COVID 19 and the protests.  I am hoping today, being 4th of July, we can all come together and be proud of this incredible country.  It saddens me to see people in my neighborhood hang the flag upside down and claim they are doing so to stand behind the protesters.  While I am all for freedom of speech, the protesters have lost sight of what they are protesting and are trying destroy any sign of history!

My dream is to see this country come back together and fly the flag with honor and respect.  A very happy 4th of July to all.  Stay safe and healthy.

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