8 Music Videos to Inspire and Entertain You

April 19, 2020 | By Gianna Pergamo

8 Music Videos to Inspire and Entertain You

Artist Gianna Pergamo shares 8 of her favorite music videos

Like everyone else, I’ve been getting a little bored during this COVID-19 quarantine. I’ve been doing a good job (dare I say great job?) staying busy. I’ve been making art, making videos of myself making art, unpacking (we just moved), paintings things for the new house, gardening. We got a new foster dog yesterday, so that’s fun. But I’ve been having more “screen time” than normal, and I’ve been getting burnt out on tiktok.

New foster dog Bruno

Actually, tiktok is what inspired me onto this present course of sharing music videos with you. I’ve been watching tiktok videos, and I know so few of the songs because tbh I’m in my own little bubble and consume very little popular culture media. So it’s been fun listening to new music and watching new music videos, especially new rap videos and whatever the new kind of emo music is called (is it still just called emo?).

I’ve always really loved music videos. I especially enjoy really trashy videos and lots of butt shaking videos. But my favorite videos are more than just butt shaking, they are fun and artsy and inspiring, and in no particular order, I’m sharing eight of my favorites with you.

1. Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More

First of all, this song is amazing. Busta Rhymes is an amazing rapper. And the music – what is that? Oh, the Psycho theme song? Yes it’s the Psycho theme song. This is one of my favorite videos, hilarious and a little creepy at the same time. Sorry, I can’t find a good quality video anywhere.

2. Björk – Human Behavior

I had a Björk CD from my uncle (Venus as a Boy) growing up and was quite intrigued with her. Her voice and music sounded magical to me back then and honestly they still sound magical. Many of her music videos are amazing (you can definitely go down a Bjork rabbit hole) but I especially love this one, directly by Michel Gondry.

3. Closer – Nine Inch Nails

This is a really cool, grungy video but the real reason I’m including it is just that I was super obsessed with Nine Inch Nails in high school. I had every album on cd (I believe there were 20 at that point). I also had a huge crush on Trent Reznor… watch this video and you can be in my 16 year old brain’s fantasy.

Okay at this point in the blog post I’ve searched and found my old music video tumblr… it is full of gems, I don’t know how I’m going to be objective at all about this list at all after I’ve found them. Trying hard not to include Riff Raff… maybe you should watch that, though.

4. Major Lazer – Pon de Floor

My bf Dan told me to put a content warning on this one – so warning, it’s pretty hump-y! This song is bangin’, great for dancing. The video is wild. It is directed by Eric Wareheim (of Tim and Eric fame). Again, it is wild.

5. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

Another freaky one. The Director’s cut is quite long, it’s like a little movie, so if you want you can scroll to where the music starts. There are tons of fun practical effects and I believe some digital effects as well. The prosthetics and makeup are really well done.

6. Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On

Missy Elliott has a lot of good videos. They’re usually a mix of great choreography, interesting sets, silly effects, fun makeup, and good rapping. I have fond memories of this one.

7. Moby – In This World

I used to really like Moby, and I feel like this was/is an unpopular opinion. Well whatever, his music is quite good, it’s very chill though. This video has some really cute animation, but is a little bit sad.

8. Childish Gambino – This is America

I cannot believe I almost forgot this one… it’s one I’ve been literally playing over and over (and over and over) the last month or two… even though this song is now two years old. Song… amazing. Donald Glover… damn. The dancing is on point. The cinematography is top of the top. But it’s chilling, and I remember the first time watching it how I cringed at each shooting (I still cringe). I think the mix of the beauty and the horror is what really makes it phenomenal.

I want to add like a million other videos to this list but I’m going to make myself stop, so this doesn’t become unwieldy… but here’s just a few more to end it…

– La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy: Great song, fun video
– Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For: Guilty Pleasure
-Tierra Whack – Unemployed: New find, interesting (stop-motion?) animation

I’d love to know what you think and what some of your favorite music videos are! Send me an email at pergamopapergoods@gmail.com or shoot me a comment on facebook or instagram!

To learn more about me and my art, you can visit www.pergamopapergoods.com 🙂

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