2022: Women Empowering Women

During Summer of 2020, I decided to deeply analyze the concept of femininity, not just from my point of view and from my own experiences, but also from other women’s. I started a Nude Collection, which is a contemporary revisitation of 19th Century female nudes, mostly realized by male artists who were commissioned by other wealthy men. By being a woman, painting another woman, I have removed the concept of the male gaze, and the idea that a woman exists to satisfy a man’s needs. When looking for models for this project, I have tried to be as inclusive as I could, with body types, ethnicities, age and gender identity. I now have a collection of over 40 paintings that empower women, by representing them in a powerful stance that makes them feel beautiful and worthy. 

Women Commissioning Women

My favorite part of this series is probably the fact that all the paintings that I did were commissioned by women. All the originals I sold were to women. I still remember one of the first ones that I have made for a lovely friend of mine. She hung it in the living room, and she told me that it was her daily reminder of how strong and powerful she is! After seeing her painting, another woman told me that she finally saw her body in a more positive way, regretting she spent so many years of her life hating it.


I am currently taking nude commissions for March 2022. A commission of a nude is a very personal and empowering experience. I work closely with my clients to make sure they are receiving a piece that truly represents them, and that they can cherish forever. If you are interested in a nude commission email me at margheritatibaldoart@gmail.com !


After many requests, I have finally decided to release a limited edition of prints of selected nudes. They are going live TODAY, 02.02.2022 at 2pm on my website!

I am releasing 11″x8.5″ prints, but if you are interested in a different size, feel free to email me at margheritatibaldoart@gmail.com !

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