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2024 Professional Artists Collaborative Grants


Creative Pinellas offers a new Professional Artists Grant in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts. The competitive grants are for professional artists engaged in specific projects or programs that include a community engagement component intended to:

  • Enhance the arts & cultural offerings in Pinellas County
  • Create public projects that inspire innovative community solutions
  • Contribute to cultural economic development
  • Grow audiences and build new audiences through effective outreach & marketing
  • Build resiliency & environmental sustainability

Professional Artist grants support work in all artistic disciplines including Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Opera, Theater, Literature, Interdisciplinary or Multimedia.

Artists must partner with a nonprofit organization located in or serving Pinellas County in a mutually agreed-upon way that is both consistent with the project and in alignment with the organization’s mission. The organizational partner will be asked to attest that they are engaged with you on this project and to respond to a brief survey at the end of the project. A PDF form letter will be available for download from the Creative Pinellas website to include with your application.

Successful projects are transformative and collaborative and provide tangible outcomes in the areas of health & well-being (including behavioral health), education, community engagement, making art more accessible, environmental activities and action, the creative economy, and placemaking.

Professional artists may apply for grants for specific projects or programs that may include:

  • Multi-sector collaborations
  • Performances, exhibitions, workshops, and/or creation of interactive artwork
  • Community engagement component
  • Reach communities that have had difficulty getting all of the benefits the arts have to offer due to ethnicity, economics, geography or disability
  • Measurable impact and an effective means of measuring


Grant Period: January 29, 2024 – December 18, 2024
Application open: October 17, 2023
Application deadline: December 15, 2023
Notification: January 22, 2024

All dates are subject to change.

Required Work Samples

Please submit completed works (not works in progress). In general, only include samples of your work created within the last five years. Older work may only be accepted if there is a strong reason to include it. (For example, to show a progression, connection, or a re-visit to the current work.)

Submit your best and strongest work, especially related to your project proposal!
DANCE: One to four (1-4) performances, or excerpts featuring the strongest portion of the performance, for a combined total length of no longer than ten (10) minutes.
Choreography: One to four (1-4) completed original works, or excerpts featuring the strongest portion of work, for a combined total length of no longer than ten (10) minutes. Submission Format: .mp4
Interdisciplinary: Up to one to two (1-2) completed original works, or excerpts featuring the strongest portion of original work, for a combined total length of no longer than ten (10) minutes.
Up to three to four (3-4) images of completed original work.
Visual imagery element: Two to four (2-4) images.
Literary element: Text saved as PDF OR if spoken word or improvised, include in video.

Submission Format: PDF, .mp3, .mp4, .jpg

LITERARY ARTS: (LITERATURE FICTION/NONFICTION, POETRY, PLAYWRITING OR SCREENWRITING) One to four (1-4) original works, or excerpts of original works, such as a short story, novel or manuscript featuring the strongest portion of the work, for a combined length of no longer than twenty (20) pages and ten (10) minutes total.
Submission Format: PDF
(Applicant may also submit an .mp4 if a live reading or performance accompanied by a PDF of the same work. Please note photocopies from books, circulars, collections, or journals will be accepted)

MEDIA ARTS AUDIO: One to four (1-4) completed original works, or excerpts featuring the strongest portion of work, for a combined total length of no longer than ten (10) minutes.

Submission format: PDF, .mp3, .mp4


Video: One to four (1-4) completed original works, or excerpts featuring the strongest portion of work, for a combined total length of no longer than ten (10) minutes.

Submission format: .mp4

MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: One to four (1-4) performances, or excerpts featuring the strongest portion of the piece, for a combined total length of no longer than ten (10) minutes. Submission format: .mp4
Music Composition: One to four (1-4) completed original works, or excerpts of work featuring the strongest portion of the work, for a combined total length of no longer than ten (10) minutes.

Submission format: .mp4, .mp3

ACTING: One to four (1-4) performances, or excerpts featuring the strongest portion of the performance, for a combined total length of no longer than ten (10) minutes. Submission format: .mp4
Theater Creation: (directing, musical direction) One to four (1-4) completed original works, or excerpts featuring the strongest portion of original work, for a combined total length of no longer than ten (10) minutes.
If you are a designer for Theatre- please submit in the visual arts (such as set design or costume design) or media art (such as projection design or lighting design) section.

Submission format: .mp4

VISUAL ARTS: (including 2D and 3D visual arts of all kinds) Six to eight (6-8) images of completed original work. It is suggested that, wherever possible, applicants photograph each individual work from a direct head-on angle, in focus, and in high resolution. If a background is visible, it should be neutral in color. Submission format: .jpg, .png (no more than 16MB)


One to five (1-5) examples of brochures, programs, news articles, letters of recommendation, testimonials, etc. When possible, it is preferred that any materials are as close to the original as possible (no copies of copies of copies). Applicants must upload at least ONE item of support material. Submission Format: PDF, .jpg


This is a one-time grant. No match is required.

Up to ten (10) grants of $10,000 each will be awarded to 10 individual artists or collaborative artists teams.

An additional $5,000 may go to two awarded Grant Recipients who present exceptional, transformative art projects that go above and beyond and are intended to address historical or systemic inequities with an expected outcome or improvement in reaching diverse audiences with sustainable community engagement and collaborations.


  • Applicant must be a professional artist, artisan, curator, or cultural producer; is actively creating, curating or producing work; has demonstrated success in the arts through the creation, curation of high-quality work and/or contributions to the field.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be a legal resident of Pinellas County and is expected to continue their residency in Pinellas County during the grant period (proof of residency required).
  • Must be a USA citizen with a Social Security Number.
  • Students pursuing ANY degree or full-time faculty in higher education are NOT ELIGIBLE.
  • Has worked within their art form(s) for over a period of time.
  • Exhibits a high degree of talent and ability in their chosen area(s) of art; is generally recognized by leaders in their field and community as an artist of serious intent and ability, which helps build interest in and awareness of Pinellas County as a vibrant arts and cultural community.


Applicants must partner with an area nonprofit located in or serves Pinellas County. Examples include nonprofit arts organizations such as art centers, theater companies, performing arts venues and museums. They also include libraries, community centers, educational institutions, social service organizations (YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.) community health, wellness, and behavioral health organizations (Free Clinic, the Well, the Lighthouse of Pinellas, Creative Clay) environmental organizations, (Florida Wildlife Corridor,) as well as others.

The details of the collaborative partnership are up to the artist and the nonprofit organization, with the only absolute requirement being that the project is mutually agreed upon and is in alignment with the organization’s mission. The organization will be asked to attest that they are partnering with the artist on this project and to respond to a brief survey at the end of the project.


  • Artist fees (does not include students or children as professional artists)
  • Materials & supplies necessary to complete the community engagement project
  • Marketing & documentation
  • Production expenses including facility rental, contracted services, etc. (includes approved expenses incurred by the partner organization)

Expenses that cannot be included in this grant include but are not limited to alcoholic beverages, vehicle rentals, rent, entertainment, gratuities, or meals.

No other Federal monies may be used for project expenses.


Creative Pinellas will initially review each application to make sure it is complete and meets all of the eligibility requirements. Eligible applications will be passed on to the Review Panel of artists, arts administrators, educators, and community leaders.

The Review Panel will adjudicate applications based on the following criteria:

Artistic Merit: The clarity of the project and the quality of the project idea, the potential value the project brings to the community, to the organization and the people it serves, and to the arts. This will also include appropriateness of the budget, clarity of the project activities, the resources involved, and the qualifications of the project’s personnel and/or partnerships.

Engagement: The specific and transformative goals, outcomes, and measurable results the project will deliver; and a clear vision of how partnering with the nonprofit organization, with community members and/or with other artists will help foster a sense of community and engagement.

Impact: Who the program will impact, how the proposed goals and outcomes will be met, and how success will be determined, measured and evaluated.

Artistic Excellence: As demonstrated by bio/resume and work samples of the applying artist and any artist-partners, effectiveness in reaching multiple and diverse audiences.

Artists chosen for the award will be notified of the panel results on or around January 22, 2024. Artists who are not selected will also receive a notification at that time.


Funding for this grant comes partially from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Federal Agency. All applicants need to understand and be prepared to comply with the federal requirements as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

  • Grant recipients must return a signed copy of the Artist Agreement, Terms and Conditions plus a signed W-9 form for payment.
  • A letter from the partnering organization agreeing to participate in the project and completion of a short survey when the project is done. (A form letter will be available for download from the website.)
  • Grant Recipients must submit a National Historic Preservation Act/National Environmental Policy Act (NHPA/NEPA) questionnaire before starting any project activities. (The questionnaire will be available for download from the website.)
  • Grant Recipients will be provided with $4,000 upon acceptance of the award and completion of grant agreement/paperwork. $3,000 upon submission of the midterm report and $3,000 upon completion of the project and submission and acceptance of the final report. If awarded the Grant Bonus, an additional payment schedule will be provided.

Midterm Report

  • The midterm report will be based on collaboration, engagement & evaluation.
  • Will include details of the collaboration – define who you are partnering and collaborating with, why, and describe the project progress.

Final Report

  • Detailed list and description of expenditures
  • Detailed information about the activities during the grant funding period
  • Details of how many, who and how community members participated
  • Testimonials and/or intercept surveys


  • Grant Recipients must provide Creative Pinellas with both interim and final reports with invoices for the payment of grant funds. Additional monitoring and/or reporting may be required.
  • Grant Recipients must comply with any additional NEA reporting requirements.


Pinellas Recovers grants are funded by the National Endowment for the Arts’ American Rescue Plan Act. Grant Recipients must clearly acknowledge support from the National Endowment for the Arts in their programs and related promotional material including publications and websites for their Pinellas Recovers grant program. Additional acknowledgment requirements may be provided later.

Recipients must share with Creative Pinellas staff all public event and exhibition announcements during the grant funding period by emailing Any relevant press releases, publications, programs, interviews, and any audio or video materials created during the grant funding period must include the following credit and a National Endowment for the Arts and Creative Pinellas logo whenever possible:

“Produced with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, Creative Pinellas, Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater, the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners, and the State of Florida.”

Credit text must be the same font size as other recognized sponsors and organizations. The recipient’s website must include a Creative Pinellas logo that links to the organization’s website.


Creative Pinellas is committed to reaching all segments of Pinellas County’s population through its support of a wide variety of artistic disciplines. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis and evaluated by a panel of artists, art administrators and community leaders. Funding for this and all grants offered by Creative Pinellas is contingent on available funding and the decision by the panel, Creative Pinellas Board, and staff, to fund the program and recommend grants. Creative Pinellas reserves the right to modify, cancel, or suspend the grant process at any time.

Funding will be withheld if the grant recipient does not meet the necessary activities, requirements for Crediting Creative Pinellas and partner agencies, and the completion of required reports as agreed to by the grantee’s acceptance of Creative Pinellas funding. After the initial advance, payment is by reimbursement.

QUESTIONS? If you have questions regarding any portion of Creative Pinellas’ grants programs, please email

Terms and Conditions

  1. This is a one-time monetary award to individual artists for project or programs with a tangible outcome in artistic disciplines including visual arts, dance, music, theater, literature, or multi-media. The award does not require a match.
  2. Creative Pinellas is Pinellas County’s designated Local Arts Agency and recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Grants for Arts Projects for sub granting. These funds require Creative Pinellas and its subGrant Recipients to comply with all Federal requirements.
  3. National Policy Requirements prohibit discrimination, ensure accessibility of all facilities and programs funded with Federal monies, provide for the protection of environmental and historic resources and more. Additional documents are to be signed by recipients upon award contract and additional reporting may be required.
  4. Grant Recipients will be required to secure and hold general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 and list Creative Pinellas and Pinellas County as additionally insured on the policy during the grant-funded activity. Creative Pinellas can assist with referrals for applicants who do not have insurance at this time.
  5. Grant Recipients will be required to submit a grant agreement (provided by Creative Pinellas) within 15 days of receiving the award.
  6. Grant Recipients will submit an interim report midway through their project (depending on status of the project) no later than October 15, 2024 and a detailed final report no later than January 30, 2025, or 30 days following the completion of the grant project, whichever comes first. Both reports will be reviewed and approved by the Grant Manager for the second and final payment to be released. Creative Pinellas will monitor grantee’s program and may offer guidance toward grant compliance. (Forms for both the midterm and final report will be available for download from the Creative Pinellas website.)
  7. Creative Pinellas will create a number of ways for Grant Recipients to co-market and co-brand their grant activities as well as workshops and/or training/consultation about how to effectively tell the story of their project. Activities will include using social media with a focus on high-value social media like Instagram Reels, articles in the Arts Coast Magazine and on the Recipient’s web page, artist meetups and artist talks (live and digital), participation in Creative Pinellas sponsored or partnered events and other opportunities. While voluntary, it is expected that the Grant Recipient will participate in one or more of these activities, and others that may be offered, and the choices will be determined and mutually agreed to at the beginning of the grant period.
  8. Record Retention and Access: Grant Recipients must permit Creative Pinellas and its auditors access to their records and financial statements as necessary for Creative Pinellas to ensure compliance with the Federal Award. Subrecipients’ report submissions must be kept on file for 3 years after the date you submit your final report. The NEA reserves the right to request supporting documents if they have any questions.
  9. Changes or Delays: Grantee must notify Creative Pinellas as soon as possible of any substantive project changes or delays that may affect the eligibility of the project or individual.
  10. Creative Pinellas does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion/creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin/ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. Creative Pinellas expects the same from its grant awardees.
  11. If awarded, Creative Pinellas will provide the Grant Recipient with an artist’s agreement.
  12. If the Grant Recipient is chosen for a bonus award there may be additional activities or responsibilities that go “above and beyond,” which will need to be documented in the midterm and final report.

Applicants will have the opportunity to review and agree to these terms and conditions as part of the application process.

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