The Economic Impact of the Arts

By Cindy Stovall. Those of us who call Pinellas County home have witnessed firsthand the rapidly increasing influence of the arts in our communities. Now a nationwide study by Americans for the Arts proves it…. Read More

Celebrating the Power of Hispanic Art

By Yuly Restrepo. “The Hurricane Within” at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art illustrates the power and strength of Hispanic art through nature’s force and the vitality of these artists…. Read More

A Harvest of Art Openings

By Tony Wong Palms. As the planet goes spiraling round and round, we watch the end of summer, another school year commencing, football season. . . and new exhibition openings in museums and galleries. … Read More

Elizabeth Indianos – Public/Private

By Lynn Whitelaw. “Elizabeth Indianos INTROSPECTIVE: Public / Private” occupies both floors of the Tarpon Springs Cultural Center. It is a perfect venue for this exhibit that traces the nearly 50-year career of Elizabeth Indianos as an award-winning multidisciplinary artist and playwright…. Read More

Welcome to YOUR Arts Coast Cultural Plan

We will begin in early September to examine the current state of the arts in Pinellas County, while working over the next year to develop strategic initiatives designed specifically to positively impact our cultural institutions, residents, tourists, artists, and business community…. Read More

Material Mastery

By Emily Lee Stehle. On exhibit at the Leepa-Rattner is an unusual sharing of work that showcases the Permanent Collection of Florida CraftArt alongside the museum’s permanent collection and works from the late Gulf Coast Museum of Art. There’s much to see and enjoy…. Read More

Book Banning

By Margo Hammond. Lately I’ve been experiencing Yogi Berra’s déjà vu all over again, that dreaded sense of being caught up in an endless loop like in the movie “Groundhog Day.” Except in this loop, the events that are being repeated are getting scarier and scarier…. Read More

Dalí on the Fly

By Harriet Monzon-Aguirre. Dropping off my children at school one day I noticed a shipping container in the parking lot and painted on the side read, “Dalí on the Fly” with a small rendering of a young Salvador Dalí clad in a blue sailor suit holding a hoop. “Wow look at that guys, you have a mobile Dalí art exhibition right here at your school!”… Read More

Compassion for Caregivers

By Skyla Luckey. SAGES – Plays with Purpose, is sharing free performances of “Memory Lane” this month – to let caregivers of loved ones with memory loss know they’re not alone, and there are resources to help. … Read More

The Gifts of the Grant

By Pamela J. Trow. Thank you for the gifts the NEA/Pinellas Recovers Grant bestowed on me. It was a gift to be a footbridge for an issue of great importance to so many of us. The children who attended the workshops provided a special gift – the gift of hope for our future…. Read More

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