Reflections on “The Planets”

By Kurt Loft. Much has changed since my very first Florida Orchestra concert, when the musicians kicked off the 1981-’82 season. The 2023-24 season offers something more – “Mystery Pieces’’ – short works that aren’t announced in advance, but performed as a surprise, much like an encore at a piano recital…. Read More

EMIT Latin Jazz Fest

Since 1995, EMIT has been hosting a diverse array of performances. This weekend, EMIT is partnering with the St. Petersburg Jazz Festival, WADA, Arts Axis and WUSF to present the EMIT Latin Jazz Fest…. Read More

Transitioning Into the Business of Art

By Jennifer Ring. Parenting experts rarely list art among the life skills families should teach their kids. But Creative Clay has spent the past two decades teaching life skills through the arts. In the process, they’ve created a model worthy of study and emulation…. Read More

Florida Orchestra Goes Cosmic for Season Opener

By Kurt Loft. The Florida Orchestra has visited Holst’s brilliantly inventive score of “The Planets” several times over the years, delivering performances that reveal a fearless rhythmic plan full of nuance and power. In opening its new season, TFO will project NASA videos of the planets above the stage…. Read More

Zooming Superheroes

Story and Photos by Troy Bernardo. I grew up on comics. But back then, only nerds read comics, so you had to make sure you never told anyone you liked them. But now, with the inundation of Marvel and DC movies, not only do people read comics, they’re admired for their visuals and storytelling…. Read More

Musicians Tune Into Hidden Women of Baroque Music

By Kurt Loft. Baroque music “is relevant because in a way it’s new, with people hearing it for the first time,’’ says artistic director of St Pete Baroque, Dan Urbanowicz. “These instruments are outside anything most people know and most are very rare.’’… Read More

An Artistic Treasure Hunt

If you’re looking for a family outing, I highly encourage you to visit the free Keepers of Heritage show at The Gallery at Creative Pinellas and complete the scavenger hunt activity designed to encourage children to walk the exhibition spaces and study the different artworks on display…. Read More

Banned Books Club for Kids

The African American Heritage Association announced the “I Love Banned Books” book club, which aims to combat educational censorship, will take place at St. Pete’s Tombolo Books starting in October. The book club is designed for children in the 1st through 12th grades and … Read More

Community Conversations Tackles Book Banning

By Frank Drouzas. “Books are the tools that we use to make sense of the world,” says educator Nikki Hill, adding that children will be deprived of profound literature with ongoing book bans. Lenice Emanuel says books are being banned in schools “because they understand that there’s power in knowledge.”… Read More

Strings, Arts and Healing

The String & Art Fest brings culture to The Deuces on Saturday, August 19 – with a free performance by Fred Johnson on the Kora, with sound healers, West African Drums and storytelling. The event will share the healing power of music… Read More

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