ArtWorks is a partnership between Creative Pinellas and Pinellas County Public Works, with a goal to defeat graffiti and foster community beautification projects on Pinellas County The goal is to create appealing spaces, build excitement, bring new artistic points of interest throughout the county and recognize the pride residents have in their community while discouraging the types of graffiti that can detract from the enjoyment of the space.

Current Project:

ArtWorks: A Mural Project with Elementary Students

It’s one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to bring together young minds, dedicated teachers and a professional artist for a mural project designed to engage kids in their power to create, help them build community connections, and explore how they can influence the world through process of making something.

Creative Pinellas, in partnership with Pinellas County Public Works, has been invited by the Pinellas County school system to create a mural based on the desire of the students, teachers and families to engage in an arts project.  

Community Survey

The results are in! The community survey was created to help the community surrounding Sutherland Elementary to learn about the ArtWorks Mural project and to share how they felt about the project. This survey was sent to the areas surrounding Sutherland Elementary School and to the Sutherland Elementary families. This survey allowed us to welcome community conversation as we maintain a strong focus on what the overall experience can mean to the children in the Sutherland Elementary community.

A sample of the questions on the Community Survey for ArtWorks Mural Project
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ArtWorks Project in the News:

Watch the Fox 13 Story about the project

Community Meetings

These meetings give the community an opportunity to learn about the mural project, meet the partners and share their thoughts. Both meetings will present the same information.

The two community meetings were Monday, March 21 at 12pm and Tuesday, March 22nd at 6pm

Sutherland PTA Meetings

These were meetings with the Sutherland PTA that included a presentation of the project and the survey link.

The two PTA Meetings were Wednesday, March 23 : PTA Board meeting, Wednesday, March 30 : Board Meeting to present the review the selected artist, open to public

Meet the Artist Meeting

Thursday, April 21st at 6pm

Join us for the Meet the Artist Community Meeting this Thursday, April 21 from 6-6:30 pm.

Meet the artist, Beth Warmath, who will be working with the students of Sutherland Elementary to create the mural for the newest ArtWorks project.

We will share information on this collaboration between Creative Pinellas, Pinellas County and Pinellas County Schools to create a community mural project with the students of Sutherland Elementary. Beth Warmath will also talk about her work as an artist and the process with the students to participate in the mural process from inspiration to installation.

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Selected Artist: Beth Warmath

Beth Warmath named ArtWorks Mural Project Artist

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Call to Artist

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