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The Dunedin Music Society (DMS) helps enthusiasts engage in live music which is essential to the heart. This primarily includes in-person, momentary, un-amplified, organized sounds generated by people and their instruments (including their voices), although we appreciate the fact that electronically-generated and amplified music can also be effective. We want to make sure you, your neighbors, colleagues, friends and families remain connected through live music, wherever such local communities may be in the world.

The DMS enable activities that connect local communities with live music, whether you are a performer, an audience member, or a financial supporter. Such activities include concerts, workshops,seminars, travel, classes, festivals, and a host of other learning and participation opportunities. The DMS consists of multiple ensembles and programs, including:

  • Large festivals and local concerts with the award-winning Dunedin Concert Band, Pinellas Community Players, and the Rhythm Kings Jazz Orchestra,
  • Educational opportunities for amateur and professional performers with the WIBRAP™ Sight-Reading Sessions, Summer Sinfonia, and Music Theory Certifications,
  • and a multitude of workshops and spectacular events such as an annual Holiday Pageant, the Pinellas Festival of Community Bands, and soon a triennial conference.

DMS members both near and far get priority access to live music events, as well as opportunities to advocate to make the world a better place through live music.

The DMS takes pride in its inclusivity and diversity which contributes to our ability to host 105 in-person and online events in 2020, directly impacting more than 7,500 individuals in communities around Florida, the USA and the world. We celebrate our openness with anyone and everyone who wants to participate in group live music-making in a supportive, encouraging and collaborative environment as part of our ongoing everyday operations.

Organizational oversight of our Artistic and Executive Directors is provided by a governing Board of five Directors, while members of the Executive Committee actually help get the work done to ensure performers, audiences, members, our finances, logistics, library, and community relations teams have what they need to connect local communities with great quality live music. Active leaders, members, performers, volunteers and audiences from multiple races, ethnicities, religions, genders, abilities, ages, and other identities are who make the DMS one of the most rapidly expanding community-run organizations in our corner of the world.

The Dunedin Music Society, Inc. was formed in December 2016, following the detailed recommendations of a two-year steering committee consisting of 20 volunteers from the Dunedin Concert Band (formed in 1981) and the local community.

On March 11, 2017, the DMS hosted its first event: a Founder’s Day to raise awareness and initial funds.

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