Jorge Dans

Jorge Dans is a Cuban-Swiss artist with more than 30 years of experience as an artist, designer, engraver, and professor of visual arts. He has taught in several schools and workshops in Switzerland and founded his workshop ©DansART in Geneva more than 20 years ago to teach courses for children and adults in drawing, engraving, and painting. Dans currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida where, with maturity and new creative vision, he engages in the American art market.

Although he considers himself an eternal student, he, like most Cuban children, began his first steps in the house of culture of Santiago de las Vegas. This small town located on the outskirts of the city of Havana is a place full of talent and artists. He studied at the Superior Institute of Design of Cuba ISDI where he acquired knowledge of the cultural and visual arts.

Dans’ artwork has been featured in exhibitions, galleries, and festivals throughout Switzerland and France as well as locally in the Tampa Bay area. His inspiration and influences come from a mix of old European colors, social life, music, and Caribbean culture. However, its Cuban roots are always present in its various themes and shades of colors. Dans is extremely dedicated to artistic creation and sharing his skills as a visual arts teacher – balancing and acting perfectly between benevolence and creation.

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