Kimberly DiVito, Director of Tourism Product Development and Strategy

I’m an empathetic futurist who truly believes in the potential of humanity. As the Director of Tourism Product Development and Strategy at Creative Pinellas, I get to apply this mindset every day. In my previous roles as a Creative Operations/Project/Account Manager, I brought my passion for strategy, technology, and creativity to every project.

My magic lies in active listening, documentation, budgeting, process mapping, and training both in person and virtually. I believe in a system approach that’s constantly evolving to create success for on-time delivery and celebration. Digital projects are my specialty, and I love nothing more than applying technology to improve experiences and reach goals.

My experience in financial, healthcare, and nonprofit spaces has given me a deep understanding of compliant communication and navigating review cycles to reach goals. I embrace change and adapt easily during project cycles, always striving to reach milestones.

My goal is to live artfully human, elevating kindness and supporting others to stand in their power of purpose. As a mom, friend, life partner, and daughter who loves everyone, I’m constantly growing as a human and applying these values in all my relationships. While my Aquarian logic sometimes gets in the way, my soul’s purpose is to create a better world for humanity while painting in a field of purple flowers with butterflies and maybe even a unicorn!

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