Kimberly DiVito, Associate Director of Strategy

I lead with my strengths as an empathetic, futurist who believes and understands that humans, can accomplish much. I apply this in my current role as Associate Director of Strategy at Creative Pinellas and in previous lives in Creative Operations/Project/Account Management within a creative and marketing environment where strategy, technology, client, brand, messaging and creative all converge.

The magic happens through active listening, documentation, budgeting, process mapping and training in person/virtual settings.My style is to focus on a system approach that can be continuously improved upon so that people can focus on participating in a process that supports, guides and creates success for on time delivery and celebration. Digital projects are my thing, I love to take technology and apply it to improved experiences and goals.

My time in the financial, healthcare and nonprofit has given me the understanding of compliant communications and has supported my navigation through the review cycles while reaching goals. I live for change with the intent to reach milestones and adapt when something just isn’t working during a project cycle with ease.

My goal is to live artfully human with a sense of purpose that elevates kindness supporting other humans standing in their power of purpose. As a mom who loves her family, personally I continue to grow as a human to embody all the words used in this summary, and apply them in all of my relationships, the struggle is at times real as an Aquarian who lives a lot in my head of logic.My souls purpose is to create a vortex of betterment for humanity while painting in a field of flowers.

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