Kendra Frorup

Kendra Frorup is an internationally known multidisciplinary artist. Splitting her time between Tampa and Nassau, she uses a variety of everyday materials and found objects to create sculptural and multi-media work that is often connected to the Bahamian landscape she grew up in. Frorup has had her work exhibited in the United States, the Caribbean, France, Martinique, Ghetto Biennale, Haiti, UNESCO in Andorra, and The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. She currently serves as Assistant Professor in sculpture at the University of Tampa.

Curator Katherine Gibson:
Kendra and I were rummaging around a storage warehouse looking for ideas and interesting pieces or parts for, I don’t know exactly, inspiration? interest? possibilities? As we were about to close up, she focused on a cluster of hand trucks mostly standing upright (on their hind legs) in order to cram more carts in – when she saw this very tall, rusted, mostly yellow, metal cart and said, “what if we hung the banana chandelier from that?” An immediate and enthusiastic YES from me. (You’ll have to come to the show to see how this plays out…)

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