Kathleen & David Bly

Kathleen and David Bly co-founded Jib Projects, an art and design collective, in 2022. The Florida landscape has long been a source of their inspiration and their work explores connection to time and place through material. Environmentally conscious, their practice uses resources consciously, employing locally salvaged wood and finding creative ways to reuse other natural materials. The resulting objects are both practical and artistic, blurring the line between purpose and art, and inviting connection.

Curator Katherine Gibbons:
Kathleen and David’s work as “Jib Projects” appealed to me right away. It was on Instagram where I first saw images of their work and then gleefully learned they were IN Tampa, so I made a studio visit. In person, I was even more drawn to the thoughtful shaping and natural treatment of the wood. In addition to the quality of their work, their obvious love of the materials and their palpable commitment to the creative process sealed the deal for me. I set out to find a way to incorporate their pieces into my next exhibit opportunity.

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