Jim Gigurtsis

Jim Gigurtsis was born in Crete, Greece and moved to England as a young adult. Jim moved to Seminole, Pinellas County from Europe in 2016. Jim Gigurtsis is an award winning multi-discipline artist.

His work is internationally known and found in private and public collections. Jim’s preferred medium is oil painting but he also uses video and installation in order to reflect on different perspectives. Jim has taught art and facilitated many workshops, including with the Morean Arts Center.

Jim’s artwork focuses on existence, consciousness, and our relation to them. The multiple layers of paint on the canvas depict the multi-layered themes behind the work and the subject depicted. The challenge is to remake an image, paint the subject from the inside out, give form to feelings and vulnerabilities but not as an illustration.

His art provokes the viewers by taking the familiar and using a variety of media and techniques to express my emotions and feelings.

His work can be seen at exhibitions across the USA and Europe and at his website www.gigurtsis.com. Commissions welcome.

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