Gary L. Lemons

I am an abstract, Africanist painter, writer, and spoken-word artist. I aim for my artistry to inspire all individuals to discover their creative giftedness. My vision of art is a bridge of connection for all people locally, nationally, and/or internationally. Whether it be through our voices, our physical performative movement, and/or our creative writing—I seek to envision in my art that which lies beyond the limits of visual perception. My art challenge severy one to see beyond the material world—opening our hearts up to the soulful place of imaginative realization. My art allows individuals to be present in these new worlds where we can live creatively, love freely, and lavish joyfully in the inspiration of our artistic calling. My artwork acts to bring human beings together—across differences—to comprehend the liberating power of creative self-healing and well-being. In the Spirit of love for creativity, my artistry illustrates a longing to connect with the life-saving legacy of my African cultural ancestry. For more information about my artwork, you may connect with me via my email address—

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