Bomba Body Dance Drum Co. / Cukiara

Cu’ = n : Sacred, Sacred Place
ki’ = n : Earth Spirit
Ara’ = n : People
CuKiAra is an ensemble that is passionate about sharing the energy and passion of Bomba, Plena, and Indigenous Boricua music with audiences in Tampa Bay and the Central Florida communities. They have been dedicated to this mission since their establishment in 2007 and remain an important part of Puerto Rican Diaspora cultural identity operating under Bomba Body Dance and Drumming Academy. CuKiAra offers workshops, music and dance programs, and bomba dance and drumming fitness classes, in addition to their performances. Their music is deeply rooted in the traditions of Puerto Rican music, which were used as a form of resistance and expression for enslaved natives and Africans. They educate about the power of the drum, the healing properties of movement of the body in cultural dance, and how cultural music can build a community. CuKiAra’s performances authentically include bomba drums from Puerto Rico, and other musical instruments offering a cultural experience that is sure to transport you to the vibrant island of Puerto Rico. Throughout the year, CuKiAra also hosts Bomba Socials known as “Bailes de Bomba” for the students and the public’s enjoyment. CuKiAra is a touring dance and drumming company that has traveled as far as Hawaii and is available to perform and educate at festivals, schools, and private and corporate events worldwide.

For bookings, please contact the CuKiAra 813-446-5068 or

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