2024 Emerging Artist Exhibition – David McCauley

Artist Statement

My artistic journey as a person living with paralysis, explores themes of inclusion, universal design, accessibility, and the physical state of the human body. The art serves as a conduit to communicate powerful messages and advocate for change.
Through my adaptive mark-making techniques, I have found innovative ways to translate my creative vision onto the canvas, challenging traditional notions of how art is created. This not only highlights my own artistic ingenuity but also sheds light on the broader need for adaptable and barrier-free environments that allow individuals of all abilities to engage in creative activities.
The focus on inclusion and universal design in my work underscores the importance of creating spaces, both physical and metaphorical, where everyone can participate and contribute. By addressing these themes, I foster conversations about the societal structures and attitudes that can either enable or hinder the participation of people with disabilities.
Additionally, my exploration of the physical state of the human body, especially from the perspective of someone living with paralysis, invites viewers to contemplate the complexities and beauty of the human experience. This can help challenge preconceived notions and promote a more empathetic and understanding society.
Overall, my artistry serves as a catalyst for change by promoting accessibility, advocating for inclusion, and encouraging dialogue about the diverse range of experiences that make up our shared human story.
Thank you to my Studio Assistant Madhava Das, who was instrumental in helping me fabricate my pieces.

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