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Haunted Pinellas

By Margo Hammond Haunted Pinellas . . . After months of living with a pandemic, you would think I would have had enough of being scared – but I’m a… Read More

How Theater Helped Me Come Out

By Tatiana Baccari How Theater Helped Me Come Out . . . I started watching Season 2 of Dead to Me (my guilty pleasure) and am completely taken with a… Read More

The Influence of Music In Art

By Nick Davis The Influence of Music in Art . . . In the past, I have often been asked how I begin my process or what my inspiration is…. Read More

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Creating Art Together, 500 Miles Apart

Watch as the father and daughter artists collaborate over Zoom and through the mail…. Read More

Dropping in to the Studios of Three Pinellas Artists

Painters Ray Domingo and Jabari Reed, and Choreographer Helen French Speak about Collaboration and the Inspiration they Find Nearby… Read More

Dive into the Art of Mark Mitchell

The artist takes us on a tour of the process, inspiration, and thoughts behind his talented, painstakingly detailed, and often surprising work…. Read More

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Javier T Dones

Javier’s current work springs from a lifelong passion and fascination for the elements of nature, her power, arrangements, and structures. The medium is metals and chemistry. Copper is the main working material…. Read More

Mark Mitchell

Arts Coast Galleries Artist Mark Mitchell is an International Multimedia Artist, specializing in painting Conceptual Pop Art…. Read More

Patricia Kluwe Derderian

Arts Coast Galleries Artist Patricia Kluwe Derderian has always loved to draw,… Read More

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