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Traci Mims – Give Us The Sun

By Tony Wong Palms

By Tony Wong Palms. Traci Mims’s exhibition at the Woodson provides a real sense of humanity. The faces of each person show lines drawn from living. … Read More

Between Brazilian Grooves and Avant-Garde

By Tony Green

By Tony Green. “You’d think that Brazilian music and free improv and avant-garde are opposites,” says David Manson. “But both styles reject standard formulas and cliches”… Read More

Women Shine in Two Pinellas Galleries

By Rebecca Skelton

By Rebecca Skelton. There are a number of organizations throughout Florida that feature women’s art, and we are pleased to announce two exhibits in Pinellas County this summer…. Read More

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Beyond the Walls – The Sheraton Sand Key Resort featuring John Gascot

By Creative Pinellas

Check out this Interview with Arts Annual – 2022 Beyond the Walls Exhibiting Artist – John Gascot at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort!… Read More

Making a Mural for SHINE Mural Festival 7 – Aurailieus Artist

By Creative Pinellas

Come along with Aurailieus as he paints a mural from start to finish, for SHINE mural festival 7…. Read More

Fractal Immersion – Tod Stephens

By Creative Pinellas

Fractal Immersion is a series of iterative mathematical formulas that assign pixel color values and locations that result in unique abstract artwork moving through time and space…. Read More

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Jason Hackenwerth, Board President & Artist

By JasonHackenwerth

Jason Hackenwerth is a professional artist with an extensive exhibition history spanning more than two decades. He was named a prestigious alum from his undergraduate, as well as graduate, universities of Webster University and Savannah College Of Art And Design…. Read More

Mark Mitchell

By MarkMitchell

Mark Mitchell is an international artist and painter of Conceptual Pop Art. As a PRATT grad, SVA alum, and former NYC advertising creative director, he has spent his entire career honing his visual communication skills…. Read More

Patricia Kluwe Derderian

By PatriciaKluweDerderian

Arts Coast Galleries Artist Patricia Kluwe Derderian has always loved to draw, even the smell of her uncle’s colored pencils inspired her to major in architecture – since art was not an option in the little city where she was raised in Brazil. She has used her art to express her projects and ideas…. Read More

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