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Breakfast. Literacy. CommUNITY.

By Margo Hammond. BLC stands for Breakfast. Literacy. CommUNITY. The recipe from St. Pete’s Cultured Books is simple. Encourage young Black kids to read a self-affirming picture book. Invite an artist to offer a workshop related to that book’s subject. Bring everyone to the park and mix in some waffles. … Read More

Queer Stories Need to be Told and Remembered

By Victor Gimenez. Entertain, Empower and Enlighten are the core words of the Tampa Bay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival mission. The films we show entertain us. The documentaries we watch enlighten us. And attending the festival empowers us. It empowers us because attending the festival was and still is a political act meant to let others know we exist, we have stories, we matter… Read More

Every Day’s the Golden Age of Baseball

By Margo Hammond Baseball Stories from the Mouths of Babe and Other Gods from the Sport’s Golden Age   Inside-baseball (adj.) American slang, referring to the minutiae and detailed inner workings… Read More

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Painting TRAINS!! – Aurailieus Artist

Come along with Aurailieus Artist as he paints a train for an art show in St. Pete!!… Read More

Making a Mural for SHINE Mural Festival 7 – Aurailieus Artist

Come along with Aurailieus as he paints a mural from start to finish, for SHINE mural festival 7…. Read More

Artist Eating Sandwiches Pilot Ep 1 – Aurailieus Artist

Artist Eating Sandwiches is a series of artists interviews by Aurailieus where he and his guests eat sandwiches on the curbs of St. Pete. In this pilot Episode he interviews… Read More

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Javier T Dones

Javier’s current work springs from a lifelong passion and fascination for the elements of nature, her power, arrangements, and structures. The medium is metals and chemistry. Copper is the main working material…. Read More

Mark Mitchell

Arts Coast Galleries Artist Mark Mitchell is an International Multimedia Artist, specializing in painting Conceptual Pop Art…. Read More

Patricia Kluwe Derderian

Arts Coast Galleries Artist Patricia Kluwe Derderian has always loved to draw, even the smell of her uncle’s colored pencils inspired her to major in architecture – since art was not an option in the little city where she was raised in Brazil. She has used her art to express her projects and ideas…. Read More

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New York (Audition) State of Mind

September marks the beginning of the opera audition season! Let the singing begin! So, I’ve touched upon opera auditions briefly before in past blogs, but I figured I’d break down… Read More

Back to teaching

pc: Sorcha Augustine I have been teaching dance for 20+ years. When the pandemic happened, like many others, I took time to assess what I wanted for my life and… Read More

Broadway Bound: Backstage with Blanche!

  Broadway Bound was a MASSIVE success. Now that we finished our final show on Sunday (back-to-back performances, I might add), I’ve had time to relax and reflect on this… Read More

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