Writing, Reading and Photography


Reading, Writing and Photography:  Or what I want to do in retirement


Like all the artist grantees, I’ve been blogging and posting (photos, in my case) for several months.  The assignment has forced me to write.  Writing makes me think.  Posting photos makes me shoot, which is  always a good start if you want to make a good image.  Together, posting photos and blogging has inadvertently led me to analyze my work.  In essence, the process of fulfilling the grantee requirements have reminded me why I photograph and have inspired me to work harder at the craft.

However, my 50-hour RN work week – sometimes devouring all seven days – left me with little time for shooting, darkroom printing and blogging.

(Blogging.  I hate that word .  To blog is to write. And writing is hard work.  Blogging sounds like disorganized chit chat.  I have difficulty with the almighty “BLOG.” Maybe I’m not loose enough.  Writing is personal and intimate, like a connected portraiture.  Blogging is a selfie posted on Facebook.)

Anyway, here’s what I’ve learned.  Perfectionism can trample productivity and creativity.  Perfectionism: a giant eyeball in the ceiling of my darkroom spying my printing.  There it is again, on my shoulder, staring at my computer screen as I type.  The eyeball will always be there.  It needs to be.  If  I’m not a little nervous about my work, it has no chance of being good.  The trick is not to let that Twilight Zone eyeball handcuff creativity and productivity while trying to complete a finished piece of work.

Oh yeah, and now my point;  I can’t wait to retire, to be able to loose myself  in the work of the moment. No cell phone interruptions.  Using my energy for important things .  Work when I want to, rest when I need to.  Of course, I will continue to see some patients.  Doing things for others gets me outside myself.  Well, now I’m blogging…blog, blog, blog.

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