Working on Art in Process Videos

April 2, 2020 | By Gianna Pergamo

Working on Art in Process Videos

Artist Gianna Pergamo attempts to video herself making art

Hey. So, are you getting anything done during this Covid-19 situation? I am finding it hard to concentrate and even harder to work on these art making videos I’m committed to doing. Evidently I’ve forgotten how to use Adobe Premiere as well. My goal is to get a 45 second to 1 minute long video of myself making a collage from start to finish or at least from start to a painted character. So far, I have a five minute version of me making a goat mermaid.


Honestly if you want that whole thing as it is right now… I salute you, it is damn long and doesn’t have any music yet. But if you want to skip through it and let me know what you think, I do appreciate it! I am going to work on making some shorter ones this week and next week.

Until then, stay well! And if you feel like shopping my website, I’ll love you forever.

xoxo, Gianna

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