Where’s Your Studio?

I didn’t realize this question was a thing until it was asked of me. Where’s my studio? Well, my art studio is the second bedroom in my apartment. This space also doubles as a content creating studio, a photography studio, and a warehouse. It is undoubtedly Sketzii headquarters but I don’t always art in here. In fact, sometimes I like to get away and work somewhere else entirely.

Until I moved to St. Pete it hadn’t dawned on me that so many artists have single studios outside their homes, studios amongst a collective of other artists, even spaces within their own shops, galleries, and warehouses. Moving to an actual art district where the arts are supported and fully celebrated has been a whole new experience for me. And while moving into a collective studio has its perks and is highly tempting, I’m really enjoying my little headquarters for the time being.

Sketzii Studio

For the most part I absolutely love that my studio is in my home. I have two large windows that bring in natural light all day long and the sounds of a water fountain. It’s pretty soothing and I’m extremely blessed to have such a space. Over the years I’ve worked up to having everything I could need in here to create my work. I have a drawing desk, work station, easels, brush and paint shelves, the works. As Sketzii grew as a creative entity I knew I needed a dedicated work space for not only creating art but shipping art and products too.

One of my best investments last year was a giant LED ring light that has served its purpose in more ways than one. Building a brand meant showcasing my art process a lot which lead to more videography and photography. As if creating new work isn’t hard enough, I had to learn how to document it all properly. One wall in my studio is equipped with a white backdrop where I photograph and record my work process against.

Staying home.

I plan on creating an entire body of work this year and that’s going to take a lot of focus and concentration on my part. The irony in “staying home” is I don’t always find that kind of focus in one place. The weird thing about my art process is that I tend to take my studio out of my studio. It’s not unheard of me to take my paintings and supplies with me on random trips.

Traveling is just too much a part of my life to stay in one place. I tend to feel stifled and uninspired if my surroundings are too stable. In speaking to my grant mentor we discussed if I had plans to move into a local studio space. While I do love the idea of being part of St. Pete’s infamous art studio walks, I think a studio at home, for now, suits me just fine.

You can watch videos of me working in my studio at: Sketzii

Read about my creative journey on my blog: Kruizpr




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