What Do Wearable Art Designers Wear to a Party?

Wearable Art 17

August 26 from 7-11 pm
Dunedin Fine Art Center
Details here

Dunedin Fine Art Center’s much-loved annual fundraiser celebrates art you can decorate yourself with. Wearable Art 17 is an exhibition and performance that gives artists whose medium is fabric, metal, leather, balloons and more a gorgeous opportunity for creative expression.

Artists who create wearable artworks and custom-made fashion are often behind the scenes, while their work is displayed on other people’s bodies. So we asked this year’s designers what they like to wear when they dress up for a party.


Mark Byrne

I do the balloon dresses at Wearable Art, for last 17 years.

I’m a professional entertainer by trade. When I go out it is usually to perform – whether I’m doing a bubble pirate show or balloons at Lenny’s Restaurant or the SandPearl Resort.

Outdoor gigs, I wear custom Hawaiian shirts. They range from rubber duckies, steampunk octopus to an Edvard Munch version of Scream with Darth Vader and the Death Star blowing up.

My magic performance ranges from a Rene Magritte The Son of Man look with suits and bowler hats to a Cirque-stylized red and black magician look.

I have a lot of hats…

My newest acquisition is an asymmetrical top hat made in Barcelona Spain. It is a custom hat. The artist only makes a few per year.

The lining is beautiful and definitely gets a reaction from people when I do balloons or magic.




Olga Saretsky

I find immense joy in adorning garments that I’ve crafted with my own hands. There’s something uniquely gratifying about donning an outfit you’ve created yourself, and the added delight comes when others compliment your work. It’s like receiving a double dose of appreciation, and I relish in magnifying the feelings of joy and happiness.

My sense of style often gravitates towards contrasts and opposites. One day, I may choose to embrace the free-spirited vibe of an oversized jumpsuit, savoring the way the fabric dances in the wind.

On another occasion, I might opt for the timeless elegance of a slim, classic black dress. I simply adore the versatility and the unexpected charm that comes with embracing different styles.

Ultimately, I’m all about celebrating individuality, comfort and self-expression through clothing.

The ability to create and wear my own designs allows me to express myself authentically, making each day a truly unique and delightful experience.




Amy Wolf

Me with my work at the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist opening reception May 4, 2023. Gold/black dress from Sunshine Thrift, St. Pete. Gold jewelry accessories made by me

As someone who rarely goes out and spends most of my life in studio clothes, when I do have to “dress” I want it to be easy and feel authentic.

I still thrift most everything I wear, looking for things that fit with the feeling of an occasion and my mood in the moment. Many times, I will alter the garment and/or make my own jewelry/accessories.

Detail of the jewelry I hand-sculpted to go with both the dress and my artwork

The look is often never worn again, and frequently gets turned into something else down the line.




Demeree Barth

Parties, for me, are a reason to wear something extra… out of the ordinary… to bring my energy level up to meet the excitement of attending the event.

One of my favorite party looks I have worn was for a Day of the Dead gathering. Rather than going the traditional, highly saturated Mexican folk art color route, I opted to base the look I created on candy pastels such as mint and bubblegum pink.

I painted suede high top sneakers in the theme’s palette, so I could dance all night. Sometimes I even crown myself in a matching headdress and sunglasses to complete the look.

Many accessories that I modeled here, I also create for others to wear to parties.




Kelli-Lynn Luckey

I only ever go out when there’s a theme. I almost always wear something I’ve made and always the biggest platform boots I can find. I like to feel like a powerful giant.



Wearable Art 17 Designers

Bay to Bay Collective
(formerly the Garden Fairies)

Mark Byrne

Melissa Dolce

Jeanne Halle aka Kina Kouture

Julian Hartzog

Johnny Hunt

Kelli-Lynn Luckey

Dana Rizzuto

Olga Saretsky + Kikimora Studio

Amy Wolf


You can experience the work of all of these designers
on August 26
at Dunedin Fine Art Center’s annual fundraiser
Wearable Art 17
Find the details here

By Kelli-Lynn Luckey

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