WEDU Arts Plus – Man of Steel

Man of Steel

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Got a call from video producer Bill Bales. He was assigned to do a story about the arts for WEDU, the local PBS channel in Tampa, and thought of me.  He pitched WEDU the idea, they liked it and gave him the go ahead. So, I met with the crew and we talked over logistics. It’s going to be a 5-7 minute piece and it will air on the arts plus program.

After two weeks of shooting the guys put together a rough cut screener at the request of WEDU.  They liked it and were enthusiastic about having a “famous” artist in the piece. Ha!

The video turned out to be interesting and highlighted my work in a very entertaining fashion.  I was very pleased with it. My website blew up after it aired, getting 4000 hits in 10 minutes.

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