Water = Life

I’m in the middle of creating a few pieces for next year’s Emerging Artist show. They reflect the four elements and our relationship to its energy. My favorite element is water. To me, the animal that embodies water’s energy the most is the whale.


Many coastal Native Tribes held whales in high regard as a significant symbol.


Whales are often associated with compassion and solitude. Holding knowledge of both life and death. These creatures symbolizing wisdom, abundance, spiritual awareness, emotional depth, and long lasting love since whales mate for life.

Whales are also known to be great communicators and often sing songs that travel miles. The whale song is considered to be one of the most complex non human forms of communication created by any species in the animal kingdom.



Bringing all of this together.


Having the whale front and center allows me to give focus to the movement of the water in the background. The movement of the whale creates a wave that the surfer rides. Teaching us to move with the current and to adapt.

The contrast in size between the whale and plant life compared to the figure surfing shows a more ideal perspective of human’s place in nature – to become one with it.

The video below is a time-lapse of my process. Many people have shared they find it soothing to watch. I hope you enjoy!







Sad Facts

Six out of the 13 great whale species are classified as endangered or vulnerable.


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