Arts In Podcast – Victoria Jorgensen

Award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter Victoria Jorgensen creates both narrative and documentary films. In this conversation with Barbara St. Clair, she tells us surprising and humorous tales of learning the craft of analog filmmaking in the adventurous artistic atmosphere of the University of South Florida in the late 1970s.

She explains how her skills evolved through video and digital, and her focus on creating films that change her audience’s views about a subject.

Victoria shares the challenges of suddenly needing to run her family business, and how she brought video to her marketing firm – and surprisingly got hired by the 2012 Republican National Convention, something she still chuckles about. She won the Telly Award for Welcome to Tampa.

Victoria shares her passion for screenwriting, an art she came to after establishing a career as a filmmaker. She reflects on the thriving world of streaming video, and how to find an audience in a world where everyone can make a film on their cell phone.

Victoria’s currently exploring political performance art. You can read about her recent project here. . . and here.

You can find out more about Victoria Jorgenson’s work at

Arts In is produced by Sheila Cowley.
Executive Producer, Barbara St. Clair. 


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