Unpopular Opinion: I love social media.

I was obsessed with coding my MySpace page to perfection. I remember when my alma mater SCAD was added to the list of accredited colleges so I could finally have a Facebook page. I also loved exploring Snapchat maps to see what was happening in real time anywhere in the world. Recently, I’ve loved how LinkedIn has grown into more of a social friendly platform. And I love how hilarious Twitter is. But more specifically, and for the purpose of this post, I love Instagram.

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Over the years I’ve been able to cultivate a really supportive community between the two pages I manage on Instagram. One handle (@kruizpr) I blog about the ups and downs of being a creative and how this journey affects me personally. On my other handle (@sketzii) I post all of my art as well as socialize with potential clients and other artists. I sell my merchandise line in my IG store and I search for inspiration. I’ve really been able to utilize this platform the most of all social media platforms because of the variety of content I can create to really showcase my art.

Full-time content creator.

Any artist who wears multiple hats in the creative business game will tell you that content creating for social media is a full-time job. At some point it can feel like a check on your to-do list as opposed to a natural extension of your art. When that happens I go on a break and let my entire “IG fam” know that I need to go on a social media hiatus. A lot of times I’ll create a month’s worth of content while painting and save them for future posts as drafts. This allows me to showcase my art or my journey on a daily basis without actually having to be present online everyday. It can be time consuming being your own brand manager and advertising your work which is why most artists shy away from content creating. I totally get it. I’ve just somehow managed to fit into my schedule.

How social media affects my art.

In a meeting with my grantee mentor, Chad Mize, I was explaining the stories I wanted to tell in my grant pieces. I pulled up my “notes” which consisted of screenshots of my Instagram stories. I had held polls in my stories for followers to vote on which metaphor best described the story I was trying to tell. He immediately recognized they were screenshots and suggested that I incorporate the various social media adjuncts I use into the presentation of my work. I was mind blown. It lead into an entire conversation about how I’m trying to reach the Latinx diaspora with my art and yet I am directly talking to them, all over the U.S and Puerto Rico, via my Instagram. Most of their suggestions make it into my art. My audience is a part of the work I create and I hadn’t even realized how much they dictate where my pieces end up visually.

We talked about several ways in which I could present these interactions and I’m so excited to explore them! I would’ve never thought my social media could’ve made such an impact on my art. I guess it isn’t just about breaking the algorithms after all.

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