Top Five Writing Clichés to Avoid

They’re probably some of the most dreaded words for an artist.


“That seems Cliché.”


It’s like being called a hack. A joke.


After all the time I spent on this story. All this work. All this characterization, and setting, and editing, and everything. It’s cliché?!


Sometimes the answer is simply, “Yes.”


So, how do we avoid it? How can we make sure we don’t create what has already been created? How can we, as writers make sure our work is set apart from everyone else’s?


There is no easy answer for this. However, there are some common pitfalls to avoid. After working with students for years, and reading other people’s creative writing, I have compiled what I consider The 5 Top Clichés to avoid. Does this mean your writing will automatically get published and you’ll get a book deal? No.


However, by identifying these issues, we can make sure our writing comes off as more professional. Oftentimes, we only get one chance with submitting to an editor. They see our work for one minute before throwing it out or back into the slush pile. Don’t spend that one minute writing overused tropes and stereotypical writing that will get it thrown out before that awesome part of the story you love so much.


Without any further ado! This was my favorite video to make and I think the most fun. I hope you enjoy!

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