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Think big


Although I’ve frequently shared work-in-progress videos of my painting process, I typically shy away from sharing photos of unfinished work. My preference has always been to show those kind of images only in context with the final piece. Partly because there’s an intended surprise-factor to the end-product, and partly because I’m never really happy with how my paintings look until the finishing touches are in place, I would usually prefer to keep them under-wraps until complete. But, now in my role as Creative Pinellas grantee—and in the spirit of getting out of my comfort zone—I’ll break with tradition and give you a glimpse of my current project in-the-works.

As the centerpiece of my showcase in the upcoming Emerging Artist Exhibition in The Gallery at Creative Pinellas this Spring, I’ve been working on what will be my largest painting to-date. The new 3-canvas triptych will measure 4 ft tall by 9 ft wide. “Go big or go home”, as they say! I’ve always felt that large artworks when viewed in-person tend to have a dramatic impact that you can’t ignore. It’s why people are so drawn to murals. Of course, some of the world’s most revered and famous paintings are of surprisingly modest proportions (see Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Dali’s The Persistence of Memory). But while size shouldn’t matter, it often can dial-up the wow-factor and elevate the sensory experience of a piece. Think Picasso’s Guernica, Monet’s Water Lillies or Rosenquist’s F-111.

Well, then. Now that I’ve dropped the names of some of the world’s greatest masterpieces, behold my latest humble attempt…



As you can see, I still have a way to go, with many elements left to add. The background landscape portion has been challenging, and I am continuing to finesse it, adding detail and dimension. I frequently mask-off areas of the canvas to protect the edges and shape of objects sketched underneath. That allows me to paint continuous background textures freely while retaining the size and position of the foreground elements to-come.

Per my usual, the painting is thematic and intended to make a statement—but I’ll save that part of the story to share with you later. Hope you enjoyed the sneak-peek! Read on for info on an exciting just-announced event in which I’ll be taking part!




Artist Talk Announced at Group Pop Art show in Tampa

MOSI’s Science After Dark will be a fun, hands-on experience for adults over 18
featuring mind-blowing science adventures, light appetizers, beer and wine samplings,
plus De-Fine Art—a conversation with the three featured artists of Fresh Popped!
6 – 9pm, Friday, April 3, 2020 
Complete details below.




The MOSI Art Wall Presents:
Fresh Popped
A Group Exhibition Curated by Michael Knapp

The group exhibition at MOSI continues through April 3, 2020.
Three artists’ take on Pop Art, including five affordable canvas prints by Mark Mitchell.


MOSI – Museum of Science and Industry
4801 E. Fowler Avenue

Tampa, Florida 33617

Ongoing Exhibition:
Open Daily 10am – 5pm
Continues through Frid
ay, April 3, 2020

Science After Dark & De-Fine Art
Ever wonder what makes an artist tick? Discover the inner workings of the artistic mind
through an engaging conversation with three practicing artists.
Open 6-9pm, Frid
ay, April 3, 2020
Artists Speak at 7:15
$14.95 per adult | $12.95 per member | Preregistration required
RSVP on facebook >> here



More details, news and updates on the way! I invite you to follow my progress on this blog, and at the links below.

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