The Precursor to Creativity

The Precursor to Creativity

This week was all about carving and pieces, and firing large platters, to prepare for the mixed media aspect of the work. The difficult thing about carving work is that once the piece is pierced, there is simply no turning back. It takes only one misplaced cut for a piece to be ruined.  Although, at times, a bad cut leads to something more beautiful – but that takes quite a bit of luck. As with many artists, there is a pretty good chance that hours of work could end up in the scrap yard.

The good news is that this week was not too bad. I did a bit of carving, altering, and firing. There were a few bright spots in the firing, so I have several pieces heading to this week’s mixed-media phase. If this works, I may be euphoric.

If not, then I will have:

wedged clay (20 minutes)

thrown a large piece on the wheel (25 minutes)

trimmed my piece (30 minutes)

carved my piece (45 minutes)

slip-prayed (30 minutes)

first fired (12 hours)

glazed (45 minutes)

glaze-fired (15 hours)

…..done all of this work creating a beautiful piece (that I love by the way) just add to the “learning” pile. We shall see what happens this week. Fingers crossed.


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