The Color Red BLOG #22

BLOG #22
May 1, 2021

By Emily Lee Stehle

The Blue Monster is still looming on my clothes rack (new use, hanging large work) and I’m already thinking of Red. Yeah, red is an active, aggressive, competitive color. It’s pushing the Blue outta my brain.

This week I’m planning to lay out the blue sections on the floor of the foyer but must first move out our recording studio. Hopefully, the pieces will sing out to me where they belong, and it will be easy-peasy to piece the sections with random weaving. Right now I’m still weaving the 4×4 sections, joining together smaller sections and attaching my blue green embellishments, the “beads,” sandwich plastic tabs and the pull tabs.

Mike’s been diligently videotaping his second series of 100 Days of Ukulele Songs project in the “recording studio” aka the foyer. He is on Day 91! I had early good intentions to participate, too, but only got to Day 16. This grant and my seasonal job at the Florida State Fair kinda got in the way…I’ve enjoyed the art and craft work. And, of course, the farm animals.

Update to my uke friends: My new custom uke (Norma Jean) suffered a broken G string at her first open mic. So she’s put away for the time being.

Now back to the task at hand…the color red. I’m looking at my red supplies.

RED: “Force of Will”
Red provokes the strongest emotions of any color. Ex-centric, active, aggressive, competitive, action, desire, excitement, sexuality. It is the most contradictory of the colors, linked to passion and love and power and anger.

Associated with danger. Physical effects include: elevated blood pressure, enhanced metabolism, increased heart rate, increased respiration rate.

This box is filled with red paper. Sheets must go through the shredder.











I’m wondering if I’ve enough red paper then remember last year’s “Big Red Egg.” I made it for the Fair and had intended to bead it but ran out of time. No award.

Truly, this is paper that has had two other lives. I might take the egg apart for its third use.

The Big Red Egg, 2020, constructed from strips of postcard invitations for a past Florida CraftArt holiday show.










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