The Black Bear

The Black Bear

Concept rendering.


For a new project I am proposing to create a life-size black bear using an
eclectic assortment of stainless steel objects permanently welded together to form a remarkable
and unforgettable sculpture. He stands on all fours looking ahead curiously but cautiously
welcoming visitors with his wild and winsome personality.

The Black Bear will be created from familiar stainless steel items assembled in an extraordinary
way. His textured metallic coat is made up of hundreds of forks, mixing bowls, pitchers, tea
pots, hub caps, pots and pans, water bottles, dog bowls, coffee urns and vessels of every
description welded together into one contiguous form. It’s as if some cosmic magnet has pulled
this collection of objects together to form a remarkably life-like bear at home in Smoky Mountain
National Park.

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