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Support Local Artists –
Invest in the Soul of St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg’s Warehouse Arts District is a vibrant testament to the city’s culture. Nestled within this district is Five Deuces Galleria, a group of 3 buildings where creativity blooms and artists find a platform to share their visions with the world.

Each month, our main gallery in the big white building undergoes a complete transformation, showcasing over 50 local visual artists and more than 100 original works of art.

Despite our best efforts to market and promote these monthly exhibits, sales have been frustrating.

As a co-curator and artist with a working studio in the same building, my primary goal is to ensure the success of our guest artists. Their sales take precedence over my own work, to the extent that I can’t recall the last time I picked up a paintbrush or updated my personal website. My heart and soul are dedicated to the local artists who trust me to represent and sell their work professionally.

Julie Haura with her acrylic paintings

St. Petersburg proudly claims to love its art scene and the abundance of local talent it harbors. We’re in a fantastic location, right next to 3 Daughters Brewing, with ample parking and plenty of foot traffic. People love to stroll through our exhibits, admiring the art and complimenting the artists.

However, for these working artists to continue thriving in our community, admiration isn’t enough.

Artwork by Nathan Heinze

Art cannot sustain itself on compliments alone. Artists need tangible support to keep creating, and that support comes in the form of sales.

When you purchase a piece of art, you’re not just buying a beautiful object – you’re investing in that artist’s future and the cultural richness of St. Petersburg. You’re helping to ensure that our city remains a vibrant, creative hub where artists can flourish.

Artwork by Peggy Roberts and Eric Auciello

At Five Deuces Galleria, we offer art at a range of prices, ensuring there’s something for every budget. The quality of work on our walls is exceptional, representing a diverse array of styles and mediums.

When you buy local art, you’re not only getting a unique piece that enhances your home or office – you’re directly contributing to the livelihood of our artists.

Artwork by Anne Via

The arts scene in St. Petersburg is one of our greatest assets. It’s a draw for tourists, a source of community pride, and a reflection of our collective identity.

But to maintain this thriving ecosystem, we need the community to step up. Look beyond the surface and see the dedication, talent and passion that go into every piece. Recognize that your dollars are not just a purchase, but a powerful statement of support for local culture.

Artwork by artzyart

Next time you visit an exhibit, consider taking a piece of St. Petersburg home with you. Invest in the soul of our city. Support our local artists not just with your praise, but with your purchase.

Together, we can ensure that St. Petersburg remains a haven for creativity and a beacon for art lovers everywhere.


Five Deuces Galleria
2101 3rd Ave. S.
St Petersburg FL 33712


Our next grand opening will be on Saturday, August 6 from 6-9 pm and will feature our newest exhibit Splash of RedThe call for art is open until July 18.

Five Deuces Galleria is a working artist studio that’s home to both visual and performing artists. The gallery of locally-made art for sale is wheelchair accessible – hours vary, please call 206-465-2777 or email

The gallery is open late on the second Saturday of each month for Second Saturday ArtWalk from 5-9 pm. Artist studios are open during events and by appointment. You can email to ask for a tour or view a current exhibition.

Julie Haura with her artwork
Artwork by Katie Cook, Ted Locasio, Joe Legrand, Karen Eckes and Richard Seles


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