Studio Visit March 2023

Hello! Welcome to my studio. In this video I give a brief walk through while sharing the layout and ways in which I have set it up. There is a mixture of organization as well as areas of complete chaos.

In the beginning of this grant cycle I decided to repaint my walls a fresh bright white. They used to be a neutral beige color. I made this decision after consulting a professional lighting technician. He reminded me of one of the most basic principles of color … that it is influenced by the color of which it is surrounded.

This brought me back to my art school days when I studied color theory according to Josef Albers. He defined color’s absolute relativity.    He stated, “In visual perception a color is almost never seen as it really is – as it physically is. This fact makes color the most relative medium in art.” Yes, indeed Mr. Albers, well said!

I wanted to be able to see the colors as pure as I possibly could. I felt that those beige walls were influencing my perception as I layered colors on top of one another within various picture planes.

Upon reflection, there is another strong part of the way I work that absolutely needs to be bread in chaos. This is the part of me that thought my new white walls were making me a bit nervous.  Note: the short video below of the state of my work table.  This is where I leave space to play and have fun reworking old discarded works on paper and experimenting with collage elements and mixed media. Part of the process for these smaller works involves tacking them to the wall and making marks from a perspective of at least 6 feet away.

Overall, as time goes by, the white walls are getting slightly broken in with smudges and drips reminiscent of the 3 years of paint residue that was painted over along with those beige walls.

There is a part of my studio that I can hang finished work in if I schedule a studio visit. It reminds me of a little galley in itself; perfect for visitors to come and view my work while chatting over a cup of coffee.

If you would like to schedule a studio visit in person or virtually, please go to my website and leave me a message using the contact link.







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