Studio-hop both ends of Pinellas this weekend

Mason Gehring is among the artists working in all media in the Studio Waltz.

Studio-hop both ends of Pinellas this weekend

See artists working in their studios in Dunedin and Gulfport.


Sure, it’s a tad bit voyeuristic, but when we visit artists in their studios — especially the ones in home studios — we not only get to know their works but learn a lot about them as people and discover just how hardworking, talented and fascinating they truly are.

What’s more, the artists are selling some of their best, most-difficult-to-part-with works just in time for the holidays, so be sure to consider an original work of art as a gift for your loved one, purchased on one of the below comprehensive studio tours:


Studio Waltz in North Pinellas

Explore an artistic treasure map this Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.. Studio Waltz allows you to visit studios from Dunedin to Palm Harbor in an annual juggernaut that’s become a 26-year tradition in North Pinellas County. During the tour, working studios feature extended hours, and even artist homes are open to the public.

Demonstrations will be featured and visitors can buy works directly from artists.  Just about every medium imaginable is featured.

The tour is free, and you can start at any location. You can also visit as many of the studios as you’d like. Artists will be working outdoors and indoors.

This year’s artists include Joyce Curvin, Nancy Lauby, David Lawrence, Connie Parkinson, Theodosia A.G. Tamborlane, Carol Sackman and Blake White, Jenna Star Friedman, Pam Pawl, Mason Gehring (pictured), Debra Thomas-Weible and Ernest C. Simmons.

Visit for a map and info on participating artists. Or, call Carol Sackman at  727-736-4036. Download a map here.

Austrian-born artist Monika Watson, whose “Night Garden” is pictured above, is one of the must-sees in the ArtJones tour.


ArtJones Open Studio Tour in South Pinellas

Gulfport is a colorful, old-Florida seaside community brimming with uniqueness and creative talent. Seeing how some of its most productive professionals make their work is truly a privilege. That’s why we strongly urge you to get in on the town’s ArtJones gallery tour, which takes place both days this weekend — Saturday 10 a.m.- 5 p.m and Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. It’s a free and family-friendly event, and all of the artists either live in Gulfport or close by.  New this year: You can get an Art Passport stamped by each studio and may be eligible to win an original work from an ArtJones artist.

Seventeen artists are participating, displaying from 15 open studios. The wide assortment of media sold includes paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glass, fiber art, mosaics and mixed media.

Tour map and artist information on

Promoters sent us fun and fascinating facts about ArtJones artists that we just have to share:

  • Gulfport artist Dawn Waters pays cheeky homage to TV talk show host Stephen Colbert.

    The Italian police chased Tom Pitzen through the streets of Rome. To escape, he ran through the Trevi Fountain and the streets of Rome. Naked.

  • Actor Mandy Patinkin owns a fiber portrait of his Inigo Montoya character from The Princess Bride, created by fiber artist Dawn Waters.
  • Glass artist Doug Merritt has had work in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Smithsonian Institution, Philadelphia Museum of Art and many other renowned museums.
  • Twice a year, Irina Lapin creates a new body of work while living in Belgium.
  • Designer Wendy Ohlendorf was named “Portland’s Best Emerging Designer”  in 2014 and the “People’s Choice Best Female Designer” in 2015 by Portland Fashion And Style Awards.
  • A bank executive commissioned Crea Egan to go to Egypt to research what the Goddess of Love would look like, and come back and build it. She did it in cast bronze in the foundry she helped create.
  • Samantha Roberts helps breast cancer survivors by creating hyper-realistic reconstructive or decorative tattoos in place of post-mastectomy scars.
  • Brenda McMahon quit her job as a journalist to go cross-country in search of her life’s purpose. She didn’t find it and took a pottery class while working temp jobs. She’s been a full-time potter ever since.
  • Nancy Poucher creates many of her pastel paintings in her hammock.
  • Ray Domingo was born under an Asian berry tree as his family fled Japanese bombs in Manila. And, this artist and designer is color blind.

Other artists on the tour include Jane Bunker, Dorian Angello, Rob Tillberg, Bill Brewer, Angus Macaulay and Monika Watson.




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