Gallery Visited

Galleries like pubs are on every corner in London England. Yes I am exaggerating but there are so many art shops, art supply shops, museums and galleries boutiques and exhibitions in this both new and ancient city it’s mind blowing. There are as many art colleges and schools as there are math and economics schools. The city bursts with creative genius. Sure there are as many struggling artists there as probably anywhere but it is clear the arts in all forms are championed and those ready to put all on the line have a fighting chance to break out and be noticed.

Here there is a different struggle. Being noticed might not translate to an income. Putting it all on the line, dare I say is a fools gamble. The art critic Jerry Saltz asked his instagram followers “what injuries have you acquired from being an artist?”

Self doubt, bankruptcy, brain damage, absence of loyalty, ego bruising, homelessness, cuts and bruises are among a few things mentioned. The flip side too, optimism healing and liberation.

I have bank rolled myself and took a giant plunge into a giant leap of faith. Producing 50 paintings at least over the last 8 months. It’s truly a full time job to produce the kind of work necessary to be noticed and hope that the notice even comes. The arts are so important and so taken for granted. So few people have real art in their homes, parents make kids take music lessons but don’t want to spend the money on a live performance, of course this only shows the kid forced to play violin that it will amount to nothing. Parents encourage drawing and put cute crafts on their fridge but don’t take them to galleries or buy original work. What are they saying to their kids? It’s not a real job.

I’d like to think it’s a real job, it takes real work. It’s reals now I’m going to fly my car to the real world.

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