STANDING – A DanceWork honoring Ukraine

STANDING | May 7-8 | Mainstage Theater, Hillsborough Community College

As I continue to develop my upcoming dance work titled STANDING in Moving Current Dance Collective’s performance of NewGrounds, I am becoming more excited about its development and potential. In my last blog, I shared the stunning murals of Ukrainian artist, Yuriy Pitchuk which will be projected on large, wooden boxes. Since then, I have been collaborating with St. Petersburg artist, Jill Kelly (aka Jilly) of Jilly Juniper Art who will be painting the opposing sides of the boxes. I am leaving it up to Jilly as to what she envisions for these boxes. After sharing Yuriy’s work, the work’s Ukrainian music, and some of my movement, she is finding inspiration. I am looking forward to seeing what unfolds.

Sometimes I feel like this work is so insignificant when there is a war going on in Ukraine, and so many people are dying. I felt very uneasy reaching out to Yuriy (whom I did not know) and asking if I could feature his work, while he is over in Ukraine experiencing something I could never imagine. I did not even know if he was safe. He was incredibly kind…and safe! I know STANDING is not going to change lives here or in Ukraine, but if I can show a glimpse of the beauty that is Ukraine, I feel privileged to do so. STANDING represents all of us who “Stand for Ukraine” and the beauty that will always remain with Ukraine. Below is a sneak peek of what I’ve been doing in the studio.

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