Sparks Interdisciplinary Project – Blog #5 June 30, 2020

 SPARKS  BLOG #5                    We Go Forth                   Paula Kramer                 June 30, 2020  

Carrie Jadus – We Could Be Heroes

Thanks to the creativity of our dancers, visual artists, filmmakers, playwright, pianist and choreographer, we are finally moving toward a storyboard plan.  

Based on our theme of connect, disconnect, re-connect, the dancers and visual artists are in the process of creating solo works that will be shared on a second Zoom meeting, July 12.  In the works are short scripts as well as choreographic and musical bridges that will connect segments.

We plan to present our video in November, 2020 at TheStudio@620 together with an exhibit of paintings by our three visual who are stylistically very different but share similar aesthetic sensibilities.  I expect that this serendipitous mix will “spark” some fabulous surprises.

So, we go forth in hopes that our work together fills these very sad hours with creative vigor and the knowledge that the job we were meant to do is to make art that enlivens and informs our everyday existence.


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