(Small) Studio Tour

Hi Everyone! As we’re getting things prepped and ready for the show opening, I wanted to show you all my teeny-tiny studio space!

Because I’ve been working at the University of South Florida, they have lent me a studio space/office which I am incredibly grateful for. The area also has a communal sink so it’s created a very easy clean up situation. It has been a challenge working in such tight quarters. In gradschool I had a huge space that I shared with my colleage where I was able to store my work and have a nice sitting area and everything! I miss it dearly. I’m now using my small space as a storage space, an office, and as a studio.

My small space has forced me to work much smaller, which is okay, however when I worked on my latest piece “Cocoa Beach” it became a huge challenge. It was especially challenging to breathe through the chemicals so I had to take a lot of breaks or move the work outside a couple of times to “breathe”. It was difficult on my back and on my body to not work with a large easel, however I have managed. My goal is to get a larger space at some point, not just to create larger work but just to let my work breathe and allow myself more space to think and work on multiple projects.

The good news is it has challenged my adaptability and economy for space and scale.

Enjoy! Sorry its a mess, however that’s my life!

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