(I hope you enjoyed my badly photoshopped “businesswoman” vision board version of myself)

A reflection of this process. I’ve had a couple of revelations in the past week that are putting some very obvious things in perspective for me.

1. I’ve been teaching art (which I love) as the engine to make money and still be making a living being creative.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been feeling this pull to put more time and effort into selling my work in whatever means possible. It’s been very hard to pin down what exactly that means and what I want to do. The other day someone asked me, “what is your business?” It kind of stopped me in my tracks. I stumbled to respond, well I teach art, I run a weekly art camp, and I am an artist. And it really made me face, right now I’m a teacher, I’m not a businesswoman who sells her art.

2. I need to be a businesswoman who sells products and services.

It makes me laugh that this simple thought is really changing how I want to move forward. I have been just treading water grabbing and doing whatever has floated by me and I’ve been doing this for years. It’s very much time to change. And although I’m stepping into a realm that is new to me and gives me anxiety, I’m super excited to figure it out. This feeling is the right way to move forward.

I know that it will take time to rearrange how I work day to day and lots of time to rework my website and social media but, this feels right. This simple thought is me getting out of my own way. And it’s like I was meant to be here right now in these circumstances, being able to share this journey through Creative Pinellas, and have a very knowledgeable mentor to guide me on this new journey.

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