Blog #12
Feb. 19, 2021

By Emily Stehle

I am bad with numbers. I think this is Blog #12 for me but other grantees list #13. Whatever it is…we’re almost halfway through this blog process, and I’m learning a lot about myself as a person and “emerging artist.”

Still new so I have a good reason to experiment and think of strange things (strange in that no one else I know is doing it, strange that I can’t find anyone doing it). I have permission to do anything for this exhibit  and can make and break rules. Freeing…but kinda scary because this feeling is new.

This week I’m reviewing my PART 1 work for this project called, “41 Comfort Baskets” or more specifically, “41Weeks of COVID-19: Comfort (food), Music and What We Needed to Get By.” It’s on the verge of being done. Waiting on the mail!

Other good news: Perseverance landed on Mars!

The hanging hooks from Ikea arrived yesterday. I’m waiting for one more delivery from JC Penney: one 10-ft. string of LED lights.

Those baskets are now packed away in a big zippered Ikea DIMPA plastic storage bag. Ready to go to Creative Pinellas. I have researched fishing line (dual-purpose fluorocarbon line to be used for stringing ukuleles, too) for hanging the installation. Calls for a short trip to Wal-Mart.

Some nice guy named Dave G, Waverly Street Ukes, posted this info on a Facebook group page.


In case you’re looking: Seaguar Fishing Line Sizing Chart
Concert/Soprano     G  (40)    C (60)    E  (50)     A (30)
Low G                         G  (80)
Light Tenor               G  (50)    C(80)     E  (60)     A (40)
Light Tenor Low G  G  (100)
Standard Tenor        G  (60)    C (100)  E  (80)     A (50)
Baritone                     100         150    130    80

Years ago, I “curated” an exhibition of sorts at The Pier Aquarium. I did not realize this at the time. We created an experience for folks to learn about water conservation and created the mood with a dramatic entry way of candles, hanging streamers and words. It was so enjoyable (so they say) that I must bring in light!

The Dollar Tree tea lights fit the bill. I’m making “holders.” Also we’ll be hanging LED string lights.

Tea light votives drying on the clothes washer.

There will be nine; three red, three blue and three black. Completed are the red ones. As you see, my photo setup is pretty primitive. I use the top of my stove in the kitchen and the washer in the garage as prep and work spaces.

The votive holders are recycled Oui glass yogurt containers. So ironically I’m really paying for the containers. We are not that crazy about the yogurt and prefer the vanilla Greek style with fresh fruit and nuts instead.

Updating my To-Do list is wearing me down. Been shredding some new “blue papers” and getting ready for PART 2. I’m very happy of the thought of weaving again!

Next week: a preview of my “work studio” (NOT an artist’s studio).

A preview: shot with no lights on.
We need to eat up Oui yogurt in the glass containers for the blue and black votive holders. Six more to go!

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