Public Art

Public Art

When I opened Swartz Gallery in 2015 part of my goal was to add a series of public art sculptures on the property for residents and vacationers to stop and visit. The first piece I created for this new space was a large scale sculpture “Family of Hearts” and stands 10 feet tall and has 6 hearts stacked on one another. At the base of the sculpture, is a small heart that holds up all the other hearts. I have been creating hearts since I began my career as artist and to me they symbolize family, love of life, joy, and hope. I created this piece to inspire others to love one other.

Next, I installed the Dragon Fly wall sculpture “The Force” whose wings span over 12 feet wide.  To me the dragon fly symbolizes strength, wisdom, and courage and adaptability. The dragon fly’s eyes are also amazing as they can see in all 360 degrees around it.


Thirdly, I installed a modern freestanding sculpture that is 9 feet tall titled “Out of the Ashes”. This sculpture includes a figure that is holding up a dove as it rises up. The actual piece reminds me more of a phoenix but the symbolism is similar. The dove and the phoenix are both a symbol of renewal or a rebirth. This simple design evokes feelings of peace and happiness.

I still have room for more sculptures in the future. If in Pinellas County then stop off at Swartz Gallery in Pinellas Park and see some of the most inspiring public art in the Tampa Bay area.





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