Professional Grade Oil Paints vs. Student Grade Oil Paints

Professional Oil Paints vs. Student Grade Oil Paints

One of the things I wanted to do was with the grant money. I wanted to continue learning from different artists about how they accroach doing their art. One day, I was having a conversation with an incredible artist friend. We talked about various artists` styles and techniques and how the Old Masters used and mixed colors. One of the conservations was about the different grades of paint, and he told me that I was using the wrong paint grades. I needed to investigate this further.
The student-grade paints will give you lower prices, but the quality is not as good as the professional. Study Grade paints used filled and stabilizers incorporated with pigment and oil. That can influence the color, and it may come out musky when mixed with other colors.
The Professional Grade Paints can cost as much as twice to three times as much as the Student Grade oil paints, but the difference is in the hue. It holds more pigment. The colors are purer, and the colors are more vibrant. The Professional Grade Paints stretches about twice as far.
Another one of my artist friends felt that it does not matter what kind of paint you use. It depends on how good you are, and he cannot tell the difference. Professional grade oil colors are the better choice, but what if your wallet said different, and you cannot afford them. What do you think?

Frederick” Rootman” Woods

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