Tres enredos, 2018 | Black annealed steel wire | Dimensions variable.
(Detail image) | Tres enredos, 2018 | Black annealed steel wire | Dimensions variable.

Through the process of drawing, cutting and assembling I create compositions that challenge the viewer to look closer and to investigate the imagery presented. At many times through this intuitive process, the evidence of the hand becomes apparent. In addition, the indexing of time spent is quite evident in many of my pieces. The distortion within compositions echoes the conflation of fragmentary visual information within the 3D shapes that make up the overall construction. The assemblage process emulates the visual fusion of information embedded in the shapes. Through the process of making, shapes acquire qualities of the positive and negative counterbalanced by a reading that is both abstract and representational. The use of motif based signifiers in relation to the Caribbean landscape helps to engage the viewer in an active search for meaning. The visual layering of the shapes in my installation works and also drawings amplifies the exaggerated distortions portrayed. The use of line in the work references a symbolic continuity of process and language. Drawing in a two and three dimensional manner becomes a way of discovery for myself as well as for viewer. The overlapping layers, lines and imagery create a constantly changing experience within this fragmented landscape reminiscent of my struggles and acceptance in creating a bicultural identity.

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