Preparing for Emerging Artist Showcase/ Transitioning Back to NYC

Sept 10-27th

The idea of my grant project has changed over and over again. My ideas and wants were constantly evolving and my dancers have been right there with me exploring in the space until we all get it right. The whole idea of this project was to create work that brought uniquely different artist together to sing as one. I am more than excited to showcase these choreographic pieces. This emerging artist showcase gave me an opportunity to explore the idea of having my own small company and the extra that comes with being able to work with so many artist who all have their own schedule. The more I develop the clearer the overall theme of the performance changes.

I look forward to explaining my ideas in depth on the 20th and actually bringing it all to life on the 27th.

I am also in the process of transiting back to NYC. My time here in Florida is starting to come to close for now and I will also have to restart my base in NYC as well. I plan to be a NYC and FL based artist until I decide to jump coast again. The goal is to tie up all loose ends before I fly back to NYC. I plan to audition for many more shows to decide what’s next for my future. The time that I instilled into so many peoples lives during this grant project is the same amount of love I plan to give back to myself. I am excited for this new step in my life but even more excited to present my work in the upcoming art gallery performance.

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