Pit Bull Mermaid – Collage Process Video

May 6, 2020 | By Gianna Pergamo

Pit Bull Mermaid – Collage Process Video

Artist Gianna Pergamo’s fourth collage time lapse video is ready to watch!

My third time-lapse collage video is done! This one starts at the initial cutting up of things and finishes with the finished product on canvas!

Here it is!


There’s no voice over, so here is what you are seeing in the video (note: there were even more steps in the collaging process, but I had to cut some things for brevity):

  • Cutting out pit bull head and torso
  • Cutting new front legs
  • Drawing the shape of the mermaid tail
  • Cutting up the fish and shaping it into a mermaid tail
  • Shaping the tail fin and attaching it
  • Painting the dog body and mermaid tail
  • Adding scale details
  • Gluing the mermaid to the canvas
  • Painting fish and jellyfish and adding them to the canvas
  • Adding detail and color with watercolor pencils

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