PAVA 2Cool Art show in Gulfport

This last weekend, I had the pleasure to participate to the PAVA 2CoolArtShow in the Gulfport casino.

Dacota, Steve, and all the PAVA team did an amazing job. An indoor exhibit in such conditions is really wonderful.

We had more than 2100 visitors. For the most part, these were real art lovers who come every year to this show.

Logistically speaking, every show is still learning for us – I feel that we are continuously improving

For the 1st time we had set up some lights, and I believe it made a great difference. It highlights the colorful paintings.

I was displaying my most recent pieces. We can feel already an influence from the insights of my mentorship…

I had never sold so many prints in a single show as I did last weekend. Two small original paintings were sold as well. More importantly, a nice list of great contacts interested in knowing more about my art. Some have already scheduled to visit my studio on Friday…

Thank you again PAVA & Creative Pinellas for promoting so well the local artists!! I feel everyday honored to be part of it.





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